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Kentucky P3s are Picking Up but Needs Are Great

Many communities across the country – from the Commonwealth to California – are dealing with the same problem. The economy has improved since the dark days of the Great Recession, but the deferred costs to maintain, improve and replace critical infrastructure have mounted, far outweighing their means to pay for projects without new tax dollars.

Six Kentucky Banks Start $150 Million Infrastructure Fund

Six Kentucky-based banks have launched a first-of-its kind investment fund to support public-private partnership projects throughout Kentucky. The institutions launching the $150 million Commonwealth Infrastructure Fund are among the largest community banks in the state.

Sports, Entertainment Partnerships Could Provide Big Boost for Kentucky

Louisville City FC’s planned soccer stadium project is just the latest example of how public-private partnerships can inject significant capital into Kentucky’s tourism and entertainment industries and create a significant number of jobs and tax dollars for citizens of the Commonwealth.

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Terre Haute Regional Airport Named Airport of the Year

Terre Haute Regional Airport (THRA) has been recognized as the “Airport of the Year” by the Aviation Association of America following recent airport updates to drive economic development in the area.

Kentucky Town Discusses City Hall TIF

The city of Dayton, Kentucky is busting aT the seams for a new city hall to meet community expectations.

$1 Billion Project could be Competed 10 Years Ahead of Schedule

A Michigan public-private partnership could shorten the construction schedule of a $1 billion highway project by nearly a decade, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

JetBlue, New York Port Authority Reduce Greenhouse Emissions with P3

JetBlue, New York Port Authority Reduce Greenhouse Emissions with P3

What public infrastructure in your community is most needed?

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