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Gov. Bevin Signs Law to Ease P3 Process

Amid all the discussion around Kentucky’s pension reform, state budget and tax reform efforts, Kentucky legislators easily passed and Gov. Matt Bevin signed P3 legislation this week that is expected to simplify the way public-private partnerships are approved in the state.

Kentucky Cited for Pro-Business Policies Like P3

Kentucky economic development leaders are getting out the word about our pro-business initiatives — including legislation to allow public-private partnerships — and gaining some national attention from site selection publications.

Tax Reform Has Real Impact on Commercial Real Estate Industry

The federal income tax legislation signed late last year by President Trump ushers in sweeping tax law changes that significantly benefit the construction industry.

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Three Ways P3s Can Be Used in Kentucky Today

For anyone who missed it this week, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet outlined its plan to repair and rebuild roads and bridges throughout the Commonwealth over the next six years. The plan details investments totaling more than $8.5 billion for 1,400 projects throughout the state. It’s a great start but far short of the state’s needs.

Kentucky’s Growth Depending on Transportation Infrastructure

Business growth is determine by many factors, but there is one that tops the cake: transportation.

New York City Pioneers Philanthropic P3s

Bustling streets, bright lights and tall buildings are what typically describes New York City, but the city is started to be defined by its commitment to address the needs of millions on New Yorkers.

UConn Health Takes Advantage of Financial Growth

Building on the success of an enterprise is just as important as starting one, and UConn Health is seizing the opportunity to launch a new public-private partnership after seeing significant financial growth last year.

Public-private partnerships have been offered as an alternative to bring private capital and fresh ideas to develop public infrastructure.

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