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Kentucky investment to lure Top Chef paying off with national exposure

Kentucky’s burgeoning culinary network and various tax incentives helped sway producers and bring Top Chef to the state for the show’s 16th season.

University of Kentucky seeks proposals to build laboratory facility

The University of Kentucky is seeking a partner to design, build, finance, operate and maintain office and laboratory incubator building in Lexington.

$65 Million Louisville Soccer Stadium Made Possible Through Public-Private Partnership

A joint venture between Louisville FC Ownership group, the city of Louisville and the state of Kentucky secured financing and moved the project forward.

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New York City’s Hudson Park Complex Possible Because of P3

Areas built around transportation often strengthen infrastructure – and help to entice the private sector to support revitalization efforts.

Public-private partnership protects nature preserves in California

The P3, between a trust and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority allows for continued protection of these vital spaces for years to come.

Dental health in Eastern KY to be improved with P3

The University of Kentucky’s College of Dentistry is launching a project to eradicate oral cancer in Eastern Kentucky through a P3 with the United Health Foundation.

Pennsylvania State P3 Board approves innovative bridge plan

The Pennsylvania Public-Private Partnership (P3) Board recently approved a bridge bundling Adjusted Bid, Design-Build proposal to reconstruct 15 bridges along two interstates in Luzerne County.

Public-private partnerships have been offered as an alternative to bring private capital and fresh ideas to develop public infrastructure.

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