Georgia Preps Three P3 RFQs

The Georgia Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a request for qualifications for advisory contracts and a broadband P3.

Kentucky’s Braidy Industries Hires Executive Board

Braidy Industries, a multi-billion aluminum rolling mill that recently located to Greenup County, Kentucky, has hired the executive board that may bring new public-private partnerships to the state.

Water Shortage Pierces Eastern Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky is facing a surprising problem as parts of the region lose access to water.

Montana Following Kentucky’s Lead Pursuing P3s for Parks

Montana is looking to public-private partnerships as a way to fund state parks.

First P3 Agency Created Ripple Effect

Washington, D.C. was the first to establish a city organization devoted entirely to the creation of public-private partnerships.

Trump Broadband Orders ‘to Facilitate P3s’

President Donald Trump has signed presidential orders that will facilitate public-private partnerships for new rural broadband.

Can We Avoid a Snowpocalypse Using P3?

A lot of local leaders are thinking about snow this week, bracing for bad weather as we get deeper into winter. That made me start thinking. This is a significant problem nearly every state and community in our region deals with. How do we allocate the right amount of public resources to address a real issue that only comes once in awhile?

Infrastructure Brings Billions to Bluegrass State

Business in Kentucky is growing and the state’s infrastructure is falling short of meeting economic needs.

Kentucky Airports Amidst Major Improvements

More than 18,000 jobs could be created with investment in Kentucky’s airports as the state moves forward to invest in airport facilities.

Louisville’s Aging Care Industry Top in the Nation

Louisville’s aging care business generates over $50 billion in revenue, an industry that many overlook when they think about Derby City.