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Georgia Preps Three P3 RFQs

The Georgia Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a request for qualifications for advisory contracts and a broadband P3.

Can We Avoid a Snowpocalypse Using P3?

A lot of local leaders are thinking about snow this week, bracing for bad weather as we get deeper into winter. That made me start thinking. This is a significant problem nearly every state and community in our region deals with. How do we allocate the right amount of public resources to address a real issue that only comes once in awhile?

Madison County Seeks Construction Partners for Healing Center Project

Madison County Fiscal Court is moving forward with its effort to create a Healing Center, a county-owned facility to provide comprehensive substance use detox, treatment, and addiction recovery service. This week, the county released a request for proposals seeking ideas from construction firms interested in building a facility for the Healing Center.

Recent RFPs Illustrate Need for Local P3 Projects in Kentucky

For those of us watching closely, 2017 was a transitional year for the concept of public-private partnerships in Kentucky. One thing was clear, the financing model is being embraced by more communities, and we’re likely to see P3 use spread across the Bluegrass State in 2018 and beyond.

Four Options to Pay for a P3 Project

With a national discussion focused on investing in America’s infrastructure, the United States offers a prime market for public-private partnerships. However, several potential barriers exist for both private- and public-sector partners to achieve success with P3.

Teams Revealed for I-75 Modernization Project

Five teams responded to a request for qualifications for a public-private partnership in Michigan to modernize a stretch of Interstate 75. The Michigan Department of Transportation plans to use a Design-Build-Finance-Maintain contracting method to construct the third segment of the I-75 Modernization Project.

Sharing Kentucky’s Story in Atlanta

A lunch meeting high atop the Buckhead Club in the suburb of Atlanta included an invitation on the menu: come to Kentucky, we’re ready to do business. A group of Atlanta business professionals whose job is to create economic growth got a taste of Kentucky’s booming investment success.