LAX Nears Final Contract for New Airport Tramway

For those who have been to the Los Angeles Airport know it’s not an easy place to navigate. A new public-private partnerships will help alleviate transportation confusion with a new rail line designed to transport travelers to the international airport.

Pittsburgh Leading in P3 Economic Growth Opportunities

Ex-Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy’s reign in office saw dramatic economic growth for the city — $4.5 billion in economic development, to be exact.

Opportunities for Medical Research Public-Private Partnerships Here to Stay

Medical research is a vast and daring industry that remains vital, but expensive, to the growing population.

NYC Invests in Financial Stability Counseling for People with Disabilities

New York City is a city known to set trends, and it’s setting a new trend through a new public-private partnerships aimed at making the city more convenient for the youth, immigrants and people with mental illness and disabilities.

Kentucky Taking Center Stage at Chicago P3 Conference

Two officials from the Commonwealth of Kentucky will take part in a regional discussion about infrastructure needs across the during an upcoming conference in Chicago.

Kentucky’s Capital Plaza Tower P3 Launches Project Website

The Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet has started a new website for the public-private partnership that will reshape Kentucky’s Capital Plaza area in Frankfort.

Tech Economy to Blossom with New P3

Some say that technology is the future, and other say that the future is in the hands of public private partnerships. Pittsburgh has combined the two to advance the city’s growing tech economy.

Pensacola Economic Prosperity Result of Public Private Partnerships

Transforming cities to create cultural hubs and bustling downtown’s requires collaboration from local businesses and city governments with a common objective: economic prosperity.

Emerging Smart Cities Rely on Public-Private Partnerships

While the self-driving car isn’t readily available to consumers on the market, the age of autonomous vehicles and smart cities is upon us.

GA Affordable Housing P3s Growing

Affordable housing has become a top priority for the state of Georgia as cities like Atlanta are searching for new ways to fund low-income residences.