Industry Leaders Join P3 Kentucky Roundtable

Two major law firms, a leading highway construction company, the state’s largest water utility, one of the region’s largest accounting and advisory firms as well as a regional business leadership organization have joined the P3 Kentucky Roundtable, a group of thought leaders working to help build much-needed public infrastructure across Kentucky through private investment and financing.

New Muskegon Convention Center Leverages Downtown Assets for Success

A $15 million convention center in downtown Muskegon, Michigan is in development with the help of a public-private partnership between Muskegon County, the city of Muskegon and Parkland Properties LLC.

Ohio Becomes Proactive with P3 Disaster Relief

Ohio businesses may benefit from a newly create public-private partnership designed to provide aid in times of disaster.

Lyft Partners with California County for Employee Transit System

Lyft and the Solano Transportation Authority in Solano County, California, have partnered to create a P3 transit system for workers to access employee’s offices from the local train station.

Denver Launches another Multi-Billion Dollar P3, Becoming Largest in State

The largest surface transportation project in Colorado’s history has been contracted to Kiewit Meridiam Partners consortium (KMP).

Amendment to P3 Georgia Law May Bring Broadband to Underserved Counties

The state of Georgia may be expanding high-speed broadband to rural areas through a public-private partnership.

Pennsylvania’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project Restores Local Bridge through P3

A public-private partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners to renovate a bridge in Pennsylvania’s Snyder County will begin in September 2017.

P3 Created Following Fatal Crash on Detroit’s I-96 Median

A fatality on I-96 in Detroit has led to the creation of a public-private partnership to install cable barriers along the median where the crash occurred.

NASA, Boeing and SpaceX Form P3 to Send Astronauts to International Space Station

NASA will soon be able to send astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil following a public-private partnership between NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Boeing and SpaceX.

Utah Considers Asset Recycling to Supplement Dwindling Fuel Tax Funds for Infrastructure

The state of Utah can no longer rely on gas taxes to fund statewide infrastructure, leading lawmakers to explore public-private partnerships as a solution for economic development.