Louisville Soccer Stadium P3 Approved for $21.7M TIF

The partners in Louisville City FC will move forward this year with a $65 million soccer stadium project, following the May 31 approval of $21.7 million tax-increment financing plan that will allow them to recapture a portion of their investment from taxes generated around the project site.

21st Century Reality: Building Infrastructure for the Autonomous Vehicle

Living the “Jetson” life of talking robots, flying cars and traveling to space is closer to reality than Americans may realize.

Universities are a hub for public-private partnerships

Housing is a leading driver behind a student’s decision when choosing a 4-year home at a college or university. As a result, mixed-used housing has become a focus for financial investment from both university officials and private developers.

Nonprofit and P3s: A perfect pair

It’s one thing to fund necessary infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships, but P3s can be used for more than just that.

Word on the street is that P3s are here to stay

People are talking and word is getting around – Public-private partnerships are here to stay.

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