Kentucky Leaders to Promote P3 in Chicago

Kentucky is open for business, and leaders across the state are looking to the private sector for ideas, expertise and capital to improve infrastructure.

Gov. Bevin Signs Law to Ease P3 Process

Amid all the discussion around Kentucky’s pension reform, state budget and tax reform efforts, Kentucky legislators easily passed and Gov. Matt Bevin signed P3 legislation this week that is expected to simplify the way public-private partnerships are approved in the state.

Kentucky is Breaking Corporate Expansion Records

Kentucky reached record-breaking milestones in 2017 as the Commonwealth introduced 17,200 new jobs to the state alongside $9.2 billion in corporate expansion.

Could Public-Private Partnerships be the answer to the Nation’s Growing Homeless Epidemic?

A new coalition has been created by fourteen mayors and CEO’s to find a solution to a lack of affordable housing in cities across the United States.

Welcome to the P3 Family, Louisiana

Louisiana has launched plans to replace the Belle Chasse Tunnel and Bridge, a $112 million project and the first P3 of its kind for the state’s transportation department.

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