Funding Columbus, OH Stadium Through Public Private Partnership

More than 700 million dollars is the proposed investment it will take to build a new Crew stadium and renovate the current stadium. But, instead of residents footing the whole bill, the money will come from what’s called a public private partnership.

Public-Private Partnership Takes Down Global Cybercriminals

Global public-private collaboration helped locate the criminals and aided in their capture. White Ops and Google were highlighted as being instrumental in both the investigation and the botnet takedown.

DC Suburb Increasing Public-Private Partnerships

The Alexandria City Manager’s office is looking to hire a full-time staff member “in order to enhance and grow the City’s use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the delivery and financing of City facilities, infrastructure and services,” according to City documents.

New York City’s Hudson Park Complex Possible Because of P3

Areas built around transportation often strengthen infrastructure – and help to entice the private sector to support revitalization efforts.

Kentucky investment to lure Top Chef paying off with national exposure

Kentucky’s burgeoning culinary network and various tax incentives helped sway producers and bring Top Chef to the state for the show’s 16th season.

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