Kentucky Transportation Projects Can Win Share of $200 Billion in Federal Funding

Public-private partnerships can help Kentucky win some of the anticipated $200 billion in priority federal funds for much-needed highway, bridge and other public infrastructure projects, a top federal administrator said last week.

Utah Considers Asset Recycling to Supplement Dwindling Fuel Tax Funds for Infrastructure

The state of Utah can no longer rely on gas taxes to fund statewide infrastructure, leading lawmakers to explore public-private partnerships as a solution for economic development.

First Uber Partnership with Public Transportation Launches in Central Florida

The ridesharing app Uber has partnered with five cities in the central Florida in a private partnership designed to increase resident mobility.

U.S. Air Force, Commercial Airlines Could Look to Public, Private Partnerships to Retain Pilots

Public-private partnerships could be the answer to the U.S. Air Force and commercial airlines pilot shortages, according the U.S. Air Force Major General Tommy K. Williams (’81 PC).

P3 Helps Fund Largest Student-Development Project in the United States

The largest student-development housing development in the United States has been completed on the campus of Texas A&M University.

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